Parents Who Left Crack Cocaine at Daycare Shouldn't Be Judged Too Harshly

diaper bagFellow parents, it's just so hard sometimes, isn't it? You're rushing out the door for the day and you have a million things to remember -- not just for you, but for your kids, too! Does everyone have their lunches, their favorite blanky, shoes on feet, pacifier? Check, check, check. Mom and dad's crack cocaine? Check. WAIT.

Yes, someone did that. When Kara Branche and Antoine Chisholm dropped off their kids at daycare, they accidentally left behind a small bag of crack cocaine as well. Oops. And they got caught when they returned to look for it -- which is what you should always do when you accidentally drop crack at a daycare center, obs. Talk about a delivery gone wrong.


But like I said, how many of us have been in Kara and Antoine's shoes? Well, okay, maybe not with the crack. But haven't you ever left something weird at daycare?

I asked The Stir staff and got a couple of wacky responses. A certain editor sent a pair of her undies -- attached through the magic of static cling to her child's special blanky. "Oh hi, that's my underwear! Yes, I'll take that back now, thanks." AWKWARD!

And a certain Stir writer used to send her child to daycare with a New York Yankees bag every morning. No big deal? Maybe not -- unless the woman watching your child happens to be married to a huge New York Mets fan. Ooh, them's fightin' diaper bags!

But I figure, now that Kara and Antoine have done the worst, there's almost nothing as embarrassing or weird that you could accidentally leave at daycare to compare with crack!

Have you ever accidentally left behind something odd when you dropped off your children at daycare?


Image via ellenkabellen/Flickr

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