Pregnant Sisters Due a Month Apart Go Into Labor on the Same Day

A pair baby bumpsof sisters in Britain were probably excited enough when they became pregnant around the same time, but I doubt they expected to give birth within a day of each other! Natalie and Rhiannon Perllman were actually due one month apart, but they must be incredibly connected, because Rhiannon went into labor mere hours after Natalie did. Isn't that wild?

Going through pregnancy and labor together seems like the ultimate sibling bonding experience, especially since these two even wound up sharing a maternity suite at the hospital. How fun is that? Doing the labor and delivery thing in a room with your sister sure beats having a random hospital roommate.


Both women had healthy and happy babies, and they are already looking forward to celebrating birthdays and milestones together as the years go on.

And these cousins will have quite a story to tell, considering how amazing it is that they were born so close together even though they should have been a month apart. Natalie delivered her twins four weeks early on March 17, while Rihannon's baby girl born on the 18th actually showed up 10 days late. If you do the math, the odds of them both going into labor at the same time are pretty slim! These little ones must have been destined to make their entrance into the world together, because this is just way too cute a story to be a mere coincidence.

Do you have any pregnant friends or family members with a due date that falls near yours?


Image via Greencolander/Flickr

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