Soldier Witnessing Son's Birth Via Skype Will Make You Weep (VIDEO)

brock howlandI can't imagine not having my husband with me in the delivery room when I give birth. But for some women, like the wives of those in the military, that's not always an option. Because of the nature of their spouse's work, these brave ladies sometimes have to go it alone. And it stinks. For both parties. But that's where the next best thing comes in -- Skype.

Specialist Brock Howland, who is currently stationed in Afghanistan, wasn't able to physically attend the birth of his son, but he did get to witness it, thanks to technology. Howland Skyped with his wife, Mary, throughout the entire delivery. He said of the experience, "Basically the whole time I could see Mary. I could see whomever was on the other side." And Mary said, "To have his support was the world. It felt like the other part of my heart was here."

I meeeaaannn ... could this be any more touching and heart-warming? Love! Check out the video.


So amazing. It really seems like it's the next best thing to actually being there. So great that Brock got to see his child come into the world -- and that Mary got to have her husband (virtually) with her. Tear.

How amazing is this? Who did you have in the delivery room with you when you gave birth?

Image via kvue

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