School Forces Girl With Cerebral Palsy to Give Up Walker for Wheelchair (VIDEO)

LaKay RobertsLaKay Roberts, 5, has fought her whole short life to do things many children take for granted. Born with cerebral palsy, her adoptive mother, Kristi Roberts, was told the girl would never talk or walk, but she's proven them wrong. After much hard work, she started walking with the assistance of a walker a couple of years ago. Only now her mother says the New Caney Independent School District in Texas is trying to undue so much hard work and force her daughter back into a wheelchair.

It's heartbreaking to think about and unimaginable how school officials could possibly justify their actions. Oh, they have some excuses, but based on the facts being reported, they certainly don't seem strong enough to justify the damage they're doing to the innocent little girl caught in the middle of what's becoming a big public mess.


 As Kristi told NBC:

If she can walk now, please let her walk. Don’t strap her in a wheelchair. We’ve worked so hard. She has worked so hard.

The school says it's unsafe for LaKay to use a walker after she was seen falling in a parking lot while using one. That's great that they're concerned about safety, but plenty of children fall at school while running down the field at recess or while skipping down the halls. Should we strap them all down in wheelchairs as well?

Officials also say that they're also waiting for doctor's confirmation that the walker is safe without leg braces, but Kristi says at least two letters from LaKay's physicians have been provided that state she should be using a walker at school. I'm sure there are legal ramifications the school fears but when it comes to the well being of a little girl and something that could potentially set her health back, those fears need to come in second.

Making matters worse is the way the officials have handled the case to date. Kristi recorded a conversation with one administrator and posted it on YouTube. The manner in which he speaks to her is downright rude and unacceptable. When he tells her, "You're not concerned about LaKay," I can't believe he knows he's being recorded. What other motivation could she possibly have?

My guess is there's more to the story than we're reading (there usually is), but the heart of the matter seems simple enough -- discrimination. I'd say the school has a pretty tough job to prove otherwise. 

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Do you think the school is wrong for banning this girl from using her walker?


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