Lack of Air Conditioning in School Is No Big Deal

school classroomAt the risk of sounding like one of those "I walked to school in the snow with no shoes" sermons we've all heard from our grandparents at one time or another, I'm completely aghast at a story out of Oklahoma in which parents are outraged because their precious babies are being made to attend class with no air conditioning. In MARCH.

According to KOCO, some parents in Oklahoma City are complaining that the school district won't turn on the A/C until April 15. Yes, temperatures have been unseasonably high this year, but not that high. It's been in the high 70s there, but you'd think the kids were being baked based on the reactions of some parents.


Parent Lauri Anderson told the station her daughter, 5, was in a terrible state after being subjected to the high heat.

She was nauseous and had a headache last night. Her head hurt, her tummy hurt, she was thirsty. When I picked her up, she was drenched in sweat and had a red face.

Please. I grew up in Nebraska, and my grade school had no air conditioning. Ever. We went until June, and if we were lucky, the teacher would open the windows. It was hot, but we survived; and I'm sure these kids in Oklahoma will too.

It's just another example of overzealous parents who try to pad and pamper their children's entire lives instead of letting them learn to tough things out. I'm certainly guilty of it sometimes too, but for the most part, I think my kids need to learn to sweat and get a few blisters here and there, because that's what's going to prepare them for real life.

I can't tell you how many hot, stuffy board rooms I've sat in for meetings throughout my career, dying from the heat or shivering from the cold. Conditions aren't always optimal, and the sooner we learn to adapt and power through anyway, the better off we'll be.

I'm glad there is air conditioning in schools in general. It's one less distraction for kids, and hopefully that leads to a little bit of greater learning. But learning to be adaptable is even more important, and I think these kids -- and more importantly, their parents -- need to learn to suck it up and stop complaining for the next couple of weeks ... and beyond.

Would you be upset if your children had to attend school with no air conditioning? Do you think parents today try to pad their children's worlds too much?


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