Skydiving + Toddler = Worst Idea Ever

skydiving toddler
As high as any toddler should get

Before I had kids I really wanted to try sky diving. It seemed like the ultimate thrill and if I could do that and survive, well, that would be cool. The second that stick told me I had a baby in me, however, my sky driving dreams fell to earth and I've never felt that particular twinge for adventure again.

Not so for Aaron Marriott who runs a sky diving business in New Zealand and is about to take his two-year-old little boy up for his first jump. I think little Elijah has zero idea what's in store for him, and hopefully he's not potty trained and still wears diapers because that kid WILL crap his pants.


Personally, I don't get putting yourself and your child in danger on purpose, even if you've had 16 years of experience doing so. But maybe it would be equally weird for me to hear him say, "I'm never going to experiment with ice cream and toppings anymore now that I have kids," because I do that like that's my job.

I'm not the only person who thinks this guy is nuts. There are many other reasons authorities say it's not okay for a toddler to sky dive. The fact that harnesses are not the proper size for a two-year-old being one. The idea that a toddler can't comprehend the danger and that it's the parent's job to make safe decisions for a child. Toddler brains and skulls are not fully formed and some serious sloshing could occur while falling from the sky. Also, apparently there's a "no breathing" period when you free fall that adults can handle, but toddlers maybe not so much. Finally, falling from the sky can kill you.

Okay, that last one was mine. But the other reasons seem equally discouraging. You want your toddler to join you for some thrills and chills? How about taking him to Disneyland in the middle of the summer without a "line skipper" pass.

Seriously, who does this?

UPDATE: Apparently not Aaron Marriott, as he has called off the jump due to "negative media." You're welcome, Elijah. 


Image via limaoscarjuliet/Flickr

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