Irresponsible Grandma Tries to Blame 4-Year-Old's Coffee Burns on Fast Food Restaurant

mcdonald's coffeeOh gawd. Before I say anything that might be construed as critical about the grandmother who's suing McDonald's for serving her 4-year-old granddaughter scalding hot coffee, let me just say: I think grandmas are awesome, don't get me wrong. My kids are super-tight with their grandma, without whom they would never have clean clothes or tidy bedrooms (that's the way she tells it, anyway). Or, as Oprah once put it: "THANK HEAVEN FOR THE GRANDMAAAAAS!"

That said ... I don't think Mona Abdelal is entirely to blame for the second-degree burns her granddaughter got from a steaming cup of Mickey D's joe ... but I don't think she's blameless, either.

Because here's the thing: Sure, McDonald's lack of table service is inconvenient. But that doesn't justify asking a 4-year-old to be your waitress. Even if you are her grandma.


At least it seems like that's what must have happened, kind of.

Apparently Abdelal asked her granddaughter to throw out her empty coffee cup, but the little girl misunderstood and brought the cup to the counter for a refill ... at which point the brain-dead helpful employee behind the counter allegedly told the kid to come back in a few minutes because a fresh pot was brewing.

Against all odds, the 4-year-old actually listened to the employee and did exactly as she was told ... at which point the brain-dead helpful employee filled the cup with blisterin' hot java and handed it back to the girl -- without securing a lid.

Hence the second-degree burns and the lawsuit.

Which seems, to me, like a bit much. Clearly the brain-dead employee screwed up. But the 4-year-old was not the employee's responsibility -- she was in her grandmother's care. I'm not slamming granny; maybe she just needed to sit down for a minute or was distracted or didn't feel well.

But I don't think she can justify a lawsuit for an injury she should have prevented.

Do you think Abdelal or McDonald's is to blame for her granddaughter's burns?


Image via Deryck Hodge/Flickr

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