Real-Life Rapunzel Girl Needs a Haircut and a New Identity (PHOTOS)

RapunzelRemember the story of Rapunzel? How the witch kept her on lockdown in that tower because she was afraid she would make some friends and become an out-of-control teenager (or maybe I’m just remixing it in my mind because now I’m a mom and that version of the story sorta kinda makes more sense. Matter of fact, maybe that witch was on to something.)

Anyway there’s a real-life Rapunzel who isn't just letting down her hair, she's getting it cut. For the very first time in her life. Twelve-year-old Brazilian beauty Natasha Moraes de Andrade is only 5’ 3”—and her hair, which has never been touched by a pair of scissors, is a wig master’s dream. It falls 5’ 2” from the crown of her head. So basically, we’re talking about a cascading mass of ankle-length locks. And not even a prince to entice with it or a tower window to drape it out of:


Apparently, one of the consequences of having tresses that are just an inch shorter than your height is a tremendously high shampoo and conditioning bill. Natasha goes through a bottle a week, racking up a tab of about $600 a year which, for a family living anywhere, much less a poverty-burdened South American shanty town, is heck of a lot of money. 

The cascading mass of hair is also, not surprisingly, extremely high-maintenance—it takes an hour and a half to brush it every day and four hours to wash it every week—and has proven to be a hazard. Her family has to suffer in Rio’s sweltering heat because The Hair might get snagged in a fan. Yeah, I would say it’s time for it to go. 


More importantly, says neo-Rapunzel’s mama, all that hair is interfering with her life and preventing her from being a normal tween girl. She can’t even swim because of the amount of time and effort it takes to strip salt water from her blanket of locks. Once it’s lopped off, it could sell for as much as $5,000 and, in true pre-teen fashion, Natasha hopes to use the proceeds to renovate her bedroom. After all, a girl needs an updated space to frolic about in—you know, once she can in fact safely frolic. Especially now that she won’t be known as The Neighborhood Girl With Too Much Hair to Have Fun.

Do you let your kids make their own hairstyle choices?

Image via Rochelle, just Rochelle/Flickr

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