Third Graders Perform Shocking Sex Act Inside Classroom

student deskI'm going to go out on a limb here folks. I don't think there is a parent out there who wakes their 8-year-old up, slips a lunchbag in their backpack, and sends them out the door in the morning thinking "Hooray! Today is the day my kid sees two other third graders having oral sex in their classroom!" So. Wrong. And apparently so true.

A teacher has been fired after administrators say that exact horror happened under a table in a classroom at the Tallulah Elementary School in Louisiana's Madison Parish. And I can't help but think of all the OTHER little kids who are sharing a third grade classroom with two kids who engage in oral sex.


Can you imagine what that conversation was like? Here's this kid whose Mom and Dad have made a point of limiting their TV watching to Disney and other non-oral-sex-type appropriate-for-8-year-old fare. He's sitting at the dinner table at night and Dad asks "So son, how was your day?" And he starts asking about mouths and private parts and . . . yeah, I'll stop there.

It's wrong. Third graders aren't supposed to know the words oral sex, forget the actual act! Most don't because we parents make sure they don't.

I've got the feeling that at least one of the two children involved in that incident was either a victim of sexual abuse or of an overly-permissive adult who allowed them around material that was wildly unsuitable for kids. It may well be that the second kid just got roped in, guided down a perverted path. I feel sorry for those kids, and I'm glad the school gave them counseling in addition to getting rid of the teacher who somehow did not notice that two kids were under a desk doing something sexual. But what now? We just put them back in the classroom, like nothing ever happened?

What about all of those other kids, who can't unsee what they saw? The kids who now spend day in and day out with two kids who obviously do not a handle on proper in-classroom behavior. Is that fair to them?

I can't say that I'd be terribly comfortable with knowing my kid was sharing a classroom with a kid like that. I'd always be wondering what was next, what would the kids do, and worst of all, would my innocent, sweet, well-raised child be targeted by a child whose barometer for right and wrong is way off? I hate to punish

Getting rid of the teacher is a good step, but if I were a parent with a third grader at Tallulah, I'd be asking for more. She didn't make these kids do this. That's on the kids -- as disturbing as that is to face. 

Would you allow your child share a class with children who were caught at this young age engaging in oral sex in the classroom?


Image via Renato Ganoza/Flickr

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