Amazing 10-Year-Old Hero Rescues Sister From Burning House (VIDEO)

Antoine and Trinity BurksTalk about brotherly love. Antoine Burks, a 10-year-old from Newburg, Kentucky, showed amazing courage and love for his 6-year-old sister, Trinity, when he went back into their burning home to rescue her Sunday evening.

According to, the fire started when Trinity was putting some kind of liquid protectant on her shoes. Some of it hit a nearby lamp, and flames immediately started engulfing their house. She told the station, "I thought nothing would happen if I cleaned my shoes off, and then when I saw it sprayed into the lamp, the fire popped out of nowhere."

It happened quickly, and the family rushed out of their home ... only Trinity didn't make it out. When Antoine realized this, he went back in after her.


His explanation for why he did makes me well up with tears:

I thought, what if something bad happens to her, it might have been my fault because I am her big brother, and I have to protect her.

I know my son would feel the same way, as he has such a fierce protective instinct for his little sister, so I find this story particularly moving. It certainly wasn't the safest of moves, and it goes against traditional fire safety rules, but sometimes heroes have to break the rules. Antoine is nothing short of a hero.

They didn't make it out unscathed. Trinity and Antoine suffered first and second degree burns on their arms and legs; Trinity has some burns on her face. Their mother and a 2-year-old sister suffered from smoke inhalation. They also lost their home and nearly everything in it. But, most importantly, they're all safe and alive because of Antoine. What an amazing young man.

Here's a video of them together.


Do your children have fierce protective instincts for one another?

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