Teacher Goes All Chuck Norris & Rescues Toddler from Burning Truck (VIDEO)

teacher rescues toddlerWe all love teachers who go above and beyond the call of duty. But this week 2nd-grade teacher Elaine Johnson went WAY ABOVE AND BEYOND the call of duty. She pulled a toddler out of a burning truck, people!

There she was, doing her shift at the drop-off line, when a Toyota 4 Runner SUV bumps over a speed bump and bursts into flames. Instead of screaming and running in the opposite direction (like I would have done) she ran toward it. There was a father at the wheel and two toddlers at the back. And -- well, you should just hear her tell the rest.


"It was like a movie. You expected it to explode. You expected it to blow up." Johnson claims she doesn't handle adrenaline well, but she appears to have comported herself quite well, act-u-al-ly. Despite the flames she ran right up and flung open one of the doors to grab one of the two toddlers inside.

“I tried to get the toddler out of the car,” Johnson said. ”I couldn’t get the seat belt open. I saw the dad struggling with his seatbelt. Then someone came up beside me and got the girl out. I got the little boy.” The other person was another parent at the school. The father in the front seat made it out fine. Others, including the school janitor, helped put out the fire and made emergency calls.

We come across a lot of tragic stories involving children these days. Way too many. So it's heartening to hear a great story about someone who was looking out for some kids who weren't even her own. This is what builds a community -- people who care about each other and will lend a hand when you need it most.


What would you have done if you had been on this scene?


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