Brave Girl's Ski Jump Shows Why Kids Should Be Encouraged to Push Themselves (VIDEO)

4th grade skieerI've said before that I'll never be a 'Free Range' kind of mom. The world is just filled with too many sickos and perverts to make me let my son go into the men's room alone and things like that. When it comes to encouraging my kids to take worthwhile risks, however, to push their own physical limits and face their fears, I think it's one of the most important things we can do as parents. The fourth grade skier in this video, Zia Terry, is a perfect example of why.

There she is at the top of huge ski jump in Park City Utah. She's clearly terrified, but wants to do it. “I’ll be fine. I’ll do it,” she tells herself. So with a camera strapped to her helmet to record the feat, she musters up her courage, and offers up final, "Here goes something, I guess."

Then she goes. 


It's exhilarating just watching her go down the steep slope, but her reaction at the bottom is priceless. She throws her arms up in victory, and can barely contain her excitement. Apparently she'd already mastered a 20-foot jump, but this was her first attempt at the 40-foot version. I love how at the end she says, "Sixty seems like nothing now, woo hoo!"

You can't find a better way to build self esteem as far I'm concerned. Go Zia, I hope to see you in the Olympics someday telling your story of how your bravery that one day led to so many other great things.

What kind of risks do you encourage your children to take? 

Image via YouTube

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