Heartless Criminals Steal Puppy From 4-Year-Old

poodle stolen
Have you seen this dog?
I've witnessed things get snatched out of little kids' hands with my own eyes. Usually it's another kid doing the stealing of the toy, the ball at the playground, a lollipop. And it's never a happy scene. There are screams, sometimes tears, perhaps even a tantrum. But it's expected. What's not expected is that a child's dog would be stolen from her arms while she is standing in her front yard.

Two women in southwest Albuquerque brazenly drove up to the home of 4-year-old Olivia Lippert while she was playing with her toy poodle puppy named Pip. And then they did the unthinkable.


The women, who were in a tan or gold car, first asked to see the dog after they attempted to be friendly to little Olivia. She then went to her 9-year-old brother Logan and asked him if she could show her "friends" her dog. It's right about this time when the two women should have driven off, realizing what a horrible thing they were about to do. Maybe even having one ounce of feeling for the child. I'm not saying stealing a dog from an adult is okay, but there is certainly an added element of ick if you steal from a child.

Apparently, these criminals waited to see what Logan had to say. He had the right mind and good teaching from his parents to say no. But one of the women managed to snatch the dog away and drove off.

The children's mother, Amanda Lippert, said what we're all thinking: "It's awful. Someone had the balls to come up to a little girl, a 4-year-old, and take a puppy."

Yep. Takes a lot of balls. No heart.

Now poor little Pip is in the hands of these evil monsters who would steal from a child. And little Olivia has to deal with her beloved Pip being dognapped. How do you explain that one?

I hope some in Albuquerque is reading this and knows something and Pip gets returned safely. I would really feel violated if I were the Lipperts. Remember this happened right in front of their home. The family has put up flyers hoping for a lead. I'd like to tell Olivia and Logan that they did the right thing in being cautious with strangers. Sometimes bad things happen and all we can do is hope Pip is okay.

How would you explain something like this if it happened to your child?

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