Toddler Wins the Lottery, But That Doesn't Make Her Lucky At All

lotto ticketThe list of "Ways to Screw Up Your Kid" is about a zillion miles long, and somewhere between "reading too many scary bedtime stories" and "comparing siblings," there's this gem: Having your kid pick out your lotto tickets. But hey, you never know, right?

Because for Afsheen Ahsan, that actually worked out okay. Her 2-year-old daughter, Anaya Hussein, happened to touch a lottery ticket. So Afsheen mother bought it. And guess what? THEY WON $1 MILLION. And then Afsheen cursed her daughter with this fateful phrase.


Afsheen said the only reason she bought that lottery ticket was because Anaya touched it. "If she didn't touch it, I wouldn't have taken it. She's lucky." Oh no, is this going to follow Anaya around for the rest of her life? She's a lucky charm! Will she be expected to work more miracles for her parents? "Anaya, do it again! Pick the Powerball for me!" "Anaya, which pair of socks should I wear today? You pick. You're lucky!"

Luck is a scary thing to hang on a kid because they have absolutely no control over it. This may be the only exciting thing Anaya touches the rest of her life. It's too much pressure. What if her parents start expecting extraordinary things from her? What if Anaya starts thinking she's magic? Will she be bitterly disappointed when she finds out she's not?

And how weird for her to grow up, always knowing that her family gets $30,000 in free income just because she happened to give a lotto ticket a random pat. I think her parents should just leave her out of it. It makes a cute story for the grownups, but it's too much for the kid.

Have you ever let your kids pick out a lottery ticket?


Image via Robert S. Donovan/Flickr

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