4-Year-Old Who Saved Sister's Life Shouldn't Have Had to Do So (VIDEO)

Neveah and Kazmirah ReynoldsIt's an amazing, heartwarming story in many respects. When 4-year-old Neveah Reynolds was out playing princesses with her 2-year-old sister, Kazmirah, they stopped at a pond in a search to find frogs, for kissing and turning into princes, of course. Only instead, their fairy tale quickly turned into a nightmare when Kazmirah fell into the pond. 

According to WBIR, that's when Neveah showed maturity well beyond her years and fished her little sister out of the pond, saving her from drowning. "I grabbed a stick and pulled her out ... She would die if I leave her," she said.

How amazing, and she absolutely deserves the title of "hero" that's been placed up on her. But there's one big problem with this story despite its happy ending -- where the hell were the girls' parents?


Their mother, Nikol Reynolds, told the station that she heard screaming on the security monitor, and saw "the 2-year-old is standing outside the pond drenched from head to toe." 

"I was like, 'Oh my God I'm so glad you did that.' It brought tears to my eyes," said Nikol.

It should bring a whole lot of other things than tears, like oh, say, regret and complete and utter remorse for letting two toddlers play outside when water is near. Can you imagine if that little girl had drowned? Not only would it have been a tragic, senseless loss of life, but the older girl would have felt guilty the rest of her life for failing at a responsibility she shouldn't have had in the first place.

Toddlers shouldn't be put in charge of toddlers, no matter what; and security monitors and the like are no substitute for adult supervision, especially around water. It kills me to see this mother talk to the television cameras like she did nothing wrong. Her only explanation was that Kazmirah is not allowed to go by the pond, but that "whatever Neveah is doing, Kazmirah is right behind her." 

"If it wasn't for Neveah, I would have probably lost a kid," Nikol said. Yes, thank goodness that she saved her sister, but she shouldn't have had to do so. I'm so glad their story ended as it did, but I also think this mother should be investigated and someone should make sure it doesn't happen again. 

Would you ever let toddlers play outside alone?

Image via volunteertv.com

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