3-Year-Old Falls From Amusement Park Ride Despite Safety Precautions (VIDEO)

amusement park rideI'm the first person to admit that going on kiddie rides at the amusement park is not the most physically comfortable experience for an adult. Your knees are always shoved up against the safety bar, your elbows are pinned next to your sides. And of course whatever repetitive motion the ride makes is guaranteed to give you a splitting headache.

But I was always paranoid about letting my kids go on those rides without me when they were younger, mostly because I suspected they might change their mind mid-ride and try to disembark from the spinning teacup or choo choo train or whatever the attraction happened to be.

And that's exactly what a 3-year-old girl in Houston did this week.


Apparently her mom was going to ride with her daughter (and her son), but she changed her mind at the last minute at got off before it started.

The little girl changed her mind, too. After it started.

You can guess what happened next. "Despite the lap bar and restraining belt," the girl fell from her moving chair, landing on the ride's platform. Thank god a "contusion on the side of her head" and abrasions were the worst of her injuries (this was confirmed by a CAT scan and X-ray at the Texas Children's Hospital). 

Look, It's not like those seatbelts are hard to unfasten. And you don't have to be Houdini to get out from under one of those restraining bars. Let's be realistic, here -- kids change their minds! A lot! I'm totally NOT blaming the mom -- every safety precaution was being followed, she had no reason to expect something like this -- but the fact is 3-year-olds simply can't be trusted to follow rules in the absence of an adult.

Do you ever get scared to put your kid on amusement park rides? What scares you the most?

Image via huffington post

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