15-Year-Old Girl's 'Dead Body' Prank Goes Horribly & Hilariously Wrong

police carI'm sure it sounded like a good idea at the time. A hilariously funny good idea, in fact. Wait, there's more: A hilariously funny yet harmless good idea, the kind of brilliant whim that makes high school such a wild and wacky time. The idea? Send the following text to a random local phone number: "I hid the body ... Now what?"

Personally, I feel for the 15-year-old Arkansas girl who thought she was sending that text as a goof to some poor, unsuspecting stranger. I can totally imagine myself doing the same thing at the same age (not that we had texting in those days, but that's beside the point).

I'm sure it never even occurred to her that she might be texting ... gulp ... a cop.


I mean, come on! What are the odds?! Of all the people who could've ended up getting that text. She was probably picturing some kid she hated from homeroom reading it and flipping out. Even a teacher wouldn't have been so bad. But a cop?!?!

Of course -- being a police officer -- the cop was able to track down the girl's address through her cellphone number. And the visit they paid her was not of a particularly friendly nature.

Can you imagine being that girl's parents? I think my heart would literally stop. Until, that is, the whole mix-up got straightened out. At which point I would probably start laughing and not be able to stop, which would probably irritate the cops to no end. And my kid would probably end up in juvie.

I don't know how this girl's parents reacted, but I'm assuming they maintained a sense of composure because the cops let her off with a warning.

A warning she probably didn't really need. Guessing that's the last prank text that kid is ever going to send!

What would you do if the cops showed up at your house because of a prank text your teen sent?


Image via Scott Davidson/Flickr

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