Woman Pulls Down Her Pants & Gives Birth to Baby on Sidewalk

Do you ever worry that you aren't going to make it to the hospital in time to have your baby once you start having contractions? Because not getting there quickly enough is something that happens, you know. Sometimes junior decides to make an entrance into the world regardless of whether or not you're all set up and comfortable in the labor and delivery ward at the hospital.

One woman in Minnesota named Elissa Simonson knows this all too well, because she actually gave birth on the sidewalk outside of the hospital -- and she delivered her baby girl herself while her husband was inside trying to get help!


She and her husband tried to make it to the hospital in time, but once they got there, she realized that it was definitely time to push, so she took her pants off right there in front of the building and got down to business. That's when her husband rushed to get help, and when he returned about 30 seconds later, he found her lying there with the baby in her arms. Talk about a fast labor and delivery!

I can't even begin to imagine what it must be like for a baby to come that quickly, because I spent a good 24 hours in labor when I was having my son. I'm not sure which scenario is worse -- having to pull down your pants and push your baby out in public where everyone can see you, or having random doctors and nurses coming into your room every half hour for a full day poking and prodding at you to see if you've dilated any farther. It's a toss up, I guess.

Elissa and her husband will really have an amazing story to tell their little girl when she grows up. And they've also got a great answer to the question, "Where was I born?" -- on the sidewalk, of course!

Do you have a plan in place for making sure you arrive at the hospital in time?


Image via Ollie Crafoord/Flickr

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