Amazing Story of Mother Reunited With Kidnapped Son is Almost as Heartbreaking as It is Happy (VIDEO)

Krystle Rochelle TannerAuboni Champion-Morin says she has prayed every night for the past eight years -- that her baby, Miguel Morin, who was kidnapped in 2004, would be returned to her one day. This week, her prayers were answered

She last saw her son in November 2004 when she left him for an evening with her friend and the godmother of her baby, Krystle Rochelle Tanner, who was 18 at the time. Houston police investigated the case for a few years, but with no leads, they closed the case in 2006. Champion-Morin, however, never closed her heart to the possibly that she would one day hold her son again. Now she will as police have found her boy alive, and Tanner has been arrested.

It's joyous news for sure, but as a mother of an 8-year-old boy this story also makes me crazy with sadness for all of those years lost, and anger that anyone could take them away from them. It's not just a story that ends with them running into each other's arms and living happily ever after.


The boy was located after Child Protective Services investigated Tanner for "negligently supervising her children and an unknown 8-year-old child who had been physically abused."  So who knows what he has been through and what trauma he has seen. As well, the boy has never known another mother than his kidnapper. He and his real mother will have to start from scratch getting to know each other, learn each other's quirks and expectations, and learn to trust one another. She told television station KPRC:

I want to hold him in my arms and let him know who I am. I hope he can feel the same thing I feel for him.

They have a long road ahead, and as she told Dr. Drew in an interview, while she is beyond grateful to have found him, she also harbors anger and resentment over missing things like the boy's first steps and other moments she'll never be able to recover.

I think back on how my son has changed and grown over the years, and while at times it feels like the years fly by, each day is packed with so many beautiful moments and revelations about him and his personality, I can't imagine having eight of those years taken away from me.

I also can't imagine how difficult it is for this mother now knowing her son is alive and well, but not being able to run to him and take him home. She still has to undergo a DNA test, and he's currently in a foster home. The waiting must be killing her. 

But unlike parents who lose children to cancer or fatal accidents, this mother gets a second chance. She'll never recover the moments lost, but she her son is safe and soon will be with her, and she's determined to do the necessary work to give the tragic tale as happy of an ending as possible.

What do you think the most painful part of reuniting with a child after all of these years would be?

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