Lottery Winning 2-Year-Old Should Head for Vegas

toddler wins lottery
Maybe that smile is worth $1 million
So there's a mom in Brooklyn right now who is $1 million richer thanks to her two-year-old. Usually the money goes the other way once you have children, so needless to say I'm impressed. It seems little Anaya put her hand on an instant win New York Lottery Poker ticket, so her mother, 34-year-old Afsheen Ahsan bought it, and won. That little girl just made her mom a million bucks. I hope she gets a cut, or at least the biggest ice cream cone she can handle.

But more importantly, I'd like to send out a message to my own two-year-old: It's time to start making your mom some cash money, dude. You've been a financial suck for far too long.


Seriously, this toddler is making all of our little people look bad. I just shelled out a lot of money for my kid's birthday party, and what did I get in return? Did he pick a winning ticket for me? Get cast on Disney Jr's first live action show starring toddlers with little or no acting talent? No, and no. Which means so far this toddler venture has had zero return on my investment. Or negative, actually, if you count paying the balloon animal guy.

If I were that mom, I'd be smuggling little Anaya into the casinos and underground poker games. Clearly, she's got a lucky lady on her hands. My kid would be likely to get kicked out of those places in about five seconds, but I have a feeling Anaya would run the tables. I just hope Ahsan realizes what she's got in that tiny girl, and doesn't let her go back to just being a normal resource-sucking toddler.

Can you believe this gal?

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