Wes Bentley Describes 'Hunger Games' In a Way Moms Can Relate (VIDEO)

wes bentleyThe Hunger Games carpet exclusives keep coming in, and this one has to be my favorite. The Stir's Sheri Reed got to talk with (swoon) Wes Bentley, who plays head Gamemaker Seneca Crane. You may remember Wes from his role as a videotaping teen in American Beauty. But now he's married to producer Jacqui Swedberg and the couple have a toddler named Charles.

Sheri asked Wes how parenting has changed him -- and what it was like to watch Hunger Games as a new dad. I wasn't at all surprised to hear what the most emotional scene was for him! Watch as he explains.





For those who haven't read the book yet, the "reaping" is when two teens from each region are selected to play in the Hunger Games -- an almost certain death sentence. (You can watch the scene from the trailer here.) And I have to agree with Wes. When I watched that scene I saw it through a parent's eyes, and that made it terrifying in a completely different way than it would have before I became a mom.

The way you experience movies really can be different after you become a parent. My perspective on the characters has completely transformed. I used to identify more with younger characters, but now I find myself identifying with their parents more. Scary! Have you ever noticed how many YOUNG PEOPLE are in violent movies??? Now I sound like my grandmother.

But seriously, how many times do you hear an "as a parent" question on the red carpet? I loved hearing Wes' thoughts on being a dad and seeing Hunger Games through a parent's lens.

Did you start identifying with different characters in movies after you became a parent?

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