Now Is Your Last Chance to Have a 12/12/12 Baby

newborn babyA lot of factors go into when you have your baby and many of them are completely out of your control, but if you are a numbers person and fancy the date 12/12/12 now is the time to conceive! Hopefully you are ovulating. But even if you aren't, why not start practicing now. (Practicing is fun!)

The number 12 is quite a special number. There are 12 things in a dozen, 12 inches make a foot, there were 12 apostles, and 12 zodiac signs. There are 12 days of Christmas, 12 fruits in the tree of life, 12 months in a year, and a clock has 12 hours. The number 12 may even indicate the third dimension. Powerful stuff, this 12 number.

Of course there's that pesky Mayan calendar thing saying the world may end on 12/12/12 (or 12/21/12). And for any couple having a new baby on that day ... your world will most certainly be over.


But of course a new one one begins. An amazing one. I'm not going to buy into the doomsday hype -- Mayan calendar style or once you become a parent style. For the latter, I'm two years in with twins and things are awesome to the twelfth degree.

Now there are no guarantees when it comes to birth no matter when you conceive your little bean. Your estimated due date is exactly that -- a guess. Most likely baby is going to come out when baby's ready. Unless of course you have a scheduled c-section on that date just so your baby's birth date is 12/12/12. I won't go into that scenario here except to say that scheduling a cesarean before the 39th week is not recommended by (good) doctors because it can risk baby's health.

So if you are feeling frisky and your ovulation calendar is ready to go, this is the last week to have the greatest chances of your baby being born on this 12 crazy day. And if you end up not getting pregnant at least you've spent the week having a whole lot of sex. And that's something to celebrate.

What do you think of 12/12/12 as baby's birthday? Did you have a baby (or a due date) that is a "cool" date?


Image via houghtonbirds/Flickr

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