After 14 Miscarriages, One Mom Gets Her Miracle (VIDEO)

baby feetAt some point, it would have seemed likely that Maria Pridmore just couldn't take the heartache anymore. After 14 miscarriages, a stillborn baby, and the heartbreaking death of her 2-week-old son, many would have abandoned their dreams of motherhood in despair. Not Pridmore.

Instead the cancer nurse and her partner, John Forn, never gave up hope, and through all of the pain and heartache, they persevered for 13 long and grueling years. According to The Sun, she had her first miscarriage at age 19; 13 more followed. In 2003 when her dreams were finally realized, they were suddenly dashed when their daughter, who they named Shannon, was stillborn. Three years later their son Kai was born prematurely and died two weeks later.

How they could go on after all of that is simply amazing.


Miscarriage is one of the most heartbreaking, difficult experiences a woman can face. After suffering two myself, I know how gut-wrenching it is to get your hopes up, then have them come crashing down in an instant. It's an emotional nightmare that often takes years of healing, and I simply can't fathom everything she's been through time and again.

"It was just horrible. To keep going through it again and again was just agony," she told The Daily Mail.

After the death of Kai, they decided to stop trying. Then last year, they found out they were expecting once again. The pregnancy wasn't without an immense amount of worry; and she reportedly went to the hospital an astonishing 92 times during it for various checks and reassurances. Foran told News Today:

Every time we went for a scan we looked for a heart beat. The drive to the hospital was like going to a funeral, really down and anxious, until we knew the baby was all right.

In the end, it was all worth it. The couple welcomed their beautiful daughter, Mia Shannon, in January. Primrose told the paper:

I really don’t know how to put into words what I felt. It doesn’t compensate for what has happened in the past, but it makes it a bit easier. It goes to show you can never give up hope.

It's hard to imagine a couple who deserve a baby more, and what an incredible example of resilience and hope they are. You know they will be incredible parents who truly do appreciate every minute of the journey.

Do you think you would have been able to keep going with your hopes of motherhood after experiencing all this woman did?

Image via Joe Shablotnik/Flickr

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