Nearly 14 Pound Newborn Makes Many Moms Envious

onesiesBig babies seem to be popping out all over the place lately. A 13-pounder here, a 16-pounder there, and just the other day, Cynthia Sigler of San Diego had a 13-pound, 14-ounce baby -- a little boy she named Jayden. (C-section in case you are wondering.) Most of the time these large newborns make women cringe -- how did that baby fit in your womb?! How in the world could you birth something that big?! (They're not always c-section either.)

Well, for one we are amazing mother goddesses and we can do anything ... and for two, well I don't have a two. But I do have this: When I hear of mamas having these "massive" babies, it makes me think of my own little 4-pounders and my friend's little 1-pounders and I'm slightly envious.


Sure it's really unfortunate that all the little 0 to 3 month size onesies aren't going to fit. Sure it's going to be really annoying to explain to strangers when they prod about why your kiddo looks like he's ready to take on Sumo wrestling. But for the moms with a high risk pregnancy praying just to make it to 35 weeks, summoning every god and goddess and deity and heck even the holy earth worms if that's what you believe just to help your baby be born at a decent weight, and at the right time -- a big baby is good news. We do not want to have complications from our little one being born too early or born underweight. We don't want to have to spend time in the NICU and face the painful reality that we may be released from the hospital while baby needs to stay because she was premature and tiny and too fragile. We do not want to face loss.

As I read about mom Sigler's big baby birth though, I learned that because Jayden was born with low blood sugar, he had to spend a little time in the NICU anyway. He's doing well though, as is his mama who is working on exchanging those tiny onesies for bigger sizes.

I know there are risks with a baby being born that large, along with health implications for mom and baby during pregnancy like gestational diabetes. Still, when a large baby is born healthy, I feel happy about it -- I don't cringe. I'm happy for that family that they don't have to go through some of the terrifying times that can come with having a preemie. Or losing one.

It's just another way to think about it.

What do you think about these large babies being born?


Image via LizMarie_AK/Flickr

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