Miracle Baby Brought Back to Life by Mom’s Hug Turns 2 (VIDEO)

jamie and emily oggEmily and Jamie OggWarning: If you're feeling at all emotionally vulnerable right now, this story will make you cry. Not in a bad way -- not at all! This story has a happier ending than most fairy tales, even. But phew! Just be prepared.

Twins Jamie and Emily Ogg were born prematurely, at 27 weeks. Within moments, doctors gave mom Kate and dad David the most devastating news imaginable: Jamie had died.

Heartbroken, Kate wanted to hold her baby. Nurses laid his limp little body on Kate's bare chest, giving her a chance to say goodbye ...

But in 5 minutes, that "goodbye" turned into a "hello."


Jamie started moving. At first, doctors said his movements were reflexive -- he wasn't really alive. But Kate kept on cuddling her son, and soon he was opening his eyes and taking drops of breastmilk from Kate's finger.

Kate's hugs brought Jamie back to life! Crazy as it sounds, there is science to back up this miracle: Skin-to-skin contact between parents and newborns, also known as "kangaroo care," is proven to be beneficial, though most hospitals don't encourage the practice (perhaps they should!).

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