Woman in Labor Hangs Upside-Down for 75 Days to Save Her Babies

While the majority of us hope for a smooth labor and delivery when it's time for our baby's birth, ultimately all we really care about is that our babies are born healthy. Most of us would do pretty much anything to ensure that our little ones arrive safely -- but one woman in Poland really took things to a whole new level when she endured labor for 75 days straight in order to save her two premature babies.

Yes, you heard me right. I said 75 days -- not hours! Can you even begin to imagine being in labor for 2 1/2 months? I'm sweating a little just thinking about what that would be like.

Joanna Krzysztonek was actually pregnant with triplets, when she went into pre-term labor and one of the babies died. After that, she decided that she'd do absolutely anything to ensure that her other two little ones lived.


And if enduring labor for a full 75 days isn't shocking enough -- then the fact that Joanna laid in a special upside-down hospital bed the entire time should really make your jaw drop. Having contractions and being in labor is difficult enough, but going through the entire process upside down is a whole other story! I can't even begin to imagine how awkward she must have felt, but apparently she kept things in perspective and didn't let the uncomfortable position get to her. Instead of complaining, she said she was just happy to have hope that her babies would survive. Wow. She sure sounds like one pretty incredible woman!

And yes -- her amazing efforts paid off, and she delivered her two babies successfully at 32 weeks. Even though they were premature, doctors expect them to go home from the hospital very soon. Their mother will have quite the story to tell them about how they came into the world, that's for sure! Can't you just hear her saying, "I went through 75 days of labor for you two!" when they give her a hard time about cleaning up their room down the road?

I have to admit -- after hearing about this woman's experience, I feel like kind of a wimp for whining about being in labor for 24 hours. My delivery was a complete and total cake walk compared to hers, and I obviously have nothing to complain about. I've always said I'd go through the entire process of labor and delivery over and over again just to have my son -- and I'm sure that she feels the same way. The joy that babies bring is definitely worth the agony of lying upside down in labor for 75 days!

What are your biggest concerns as you anticipate the birth of your baby?

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