School’s Move to Ban Skinny Jeans Is a Big Fat Mistake (VIDEO)

skinny jeansGrab your gunny sacks, girls, that's about the only option you're going to have left when it comes to school attire if educators start following in the footsteps of one Connecticut school district. Not so hip on the trend of skinny jeans, they have proposed to ban them altogether.

It's true. Meriden Schools Board of Education decided earlier this week to recommend that students be prohibited from wearing the jeans in all schools from grade K-12, along with other tight clothing fashions like jeggings and Spandex. In fact, anything that's "form fitting" won't be allowed. According to WFSB, school officials say such clothing items are a "distraction."


They don't say who exactly is being distracted by this clothing, but I assume it's the young boys and their hormones. Well, unless you make the girls wear burkas, the boys are still going to be distracted by girls no matter what they wear. It's a ridiculous move full of big fat problems.

Let's see, too baggy pants are bad; Uggs are out in some schools. A "nice" t-shirt will get you sent home; and even the traditional plaid skirts for Catholic school girls have come under fire. So what's left?

I don't like seeing school girls dressed in revealing clothing any more than the next mom, but there's a point at which we just have to accept that these are the fashions of today, and like it or not, kids are going to wear them. We can teach them self respect and the importance of presenting the right image of yourself to the world all we want, and hope for the best. But at some point, fashion will likely win out.

The school board is meeting later this month to iron out details, I can't wait to see what they come up with. How are they going to enforce it? Just who is going to determine what too tight is? And what exactly should they wear? As a suburban mom, I'd have trouble dressing myself without the items they listed. (There's spandex in my yoga pants!)

If it's really such a big problem in schools, then they need to just issue uniforms and be done with the whole business. Spending time and money debating every little fashion that makes its way onto the school scene is a ridiculous waste and an ineffective attempt to try and control children.

Do you think it's outrageous for schools to ban skinny jeans other "form-fitting" clothing?