You Can Help Honor the Memory of Baby Angel Babcock and Her Family

The little miracle herself, Angel Babcock
She was already a miracle. All babies are. But amidst devastation from the tornadoes that ravaged the South and Midwest and turned homes, communities, whole towns into splintered pieces, she was… angelic. Angel Babcock—the 15-month-old baby who was found in a field near the bodies of her parents and siblings—was a marvel. Not far from where she was discovered, her family’s crumpled house stood as a memorial to the surrounding chaos. Her survival, however, represented something completely different.

She died on Saturday in a Kentucky hospital. Her grandmother says she put her arms up, like she did so many times when she wanted her father to pick her up. And he did. Now Kathy Babcock is shouldering the heartbreaking task of making funeral arrangements for her entire family. Her son. Her daughter-in-law. Her two grandchildren, Jayden and Kendall. And now baby Angel who, after being saved, became a symbol of hope. 


Whether or not you believe in God is your prerogative. But we can place our faith in the goodness that created a baby with such a befitting name.

I’ve never set foot in Indiana. I’ve never been to the Midwest actually, sans a touristy visit to Chicago last summer. But I believe we are all connected in some form or fashion and that what goes on with a family in a town I’ve never been to in middle America affects us here on the east coast and has an impact on you over there in California and Oregon and y’all down there in the South. So I believe we can all band together and help one another out, like one big village, when there are tragedies to mourn. And this is one of them.

All of the families and individuals affected by the tornadoes need help. And I pray we all bumrush the organizations that are working to provide that aid, from storefront churches to international nonprofits. But if we can all take $10, $20, whatever we have to spare, to the local Bank of America and donate to the Babcock Family Fund, we can have an immediate and direct impact on folks who have already lost so much. I’m not talking about houses and cars and TVs and things they’ve worked for. I’m talking about love and blood and relationships and people they’ll never lay eyes on again, at least in the physical.

Sometimes people grumble about contributing to causes in times like these, wondering where their money is really being allocated. This alleviates any need for questioning. The Babcocks have five loved ones to send home to heaven. My own family has had three deaths in the last five years, so I know firsthand how mind-numbingly costly and outrageously opportunistic funeral expenses can be. I can only imagine how much it will be to memorialize five people at once, even at the most basic level.

I know we want to give, so give. I know we want to help, so help. Head to Bank of America and donate to the Babcock Family Fund or give to another family who’s rebuilding their lives. Just do something for somebody. Our caring and generosity are the only ways to make sense of the craziness that they’re living in.

Has the kindness of strangers ever helped you and your family in a difficult, maybe even tragic time?

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