Fast-Thinking 3-Year-Old Saves Grandma's Life (VIDEO)

Ethan LeBlancTypically it's grandparents who are lifesavers when it comes to helping care for our children. Toddler Ethan LeBlanc recently turned the tables, however, when he saved his grandmother's life.

The 3-1/2-year-old boy was home alone with his Nana, Roxanne Doucette, when he noticed she was having trouble and shaking uncontrollably from a seizure. Instead of panicking, however, Ethan jumped into action. He dialed 911 and told them, "Nana needs help" in the sweetest little voice.


Listening to the call, it's incredible just how composed he was and how he knew exactly what to do. According to My Fox Boston, Ethan stayed on the phone with a dispatcher for 10 minutes until they were able to determine the location and send help.

Dispatcher Nim Collins told WHDH-TV: “Three and a half years old. I was flabbergasted. I have had adults that weren’t able to give me as much information as he was.” Not only that, when the ambulance arrived, Ethan thought enough to run and get her list of medications from her purse, photo copy it, and give it to the attendants.

When asked how it was that he was able to remain so calm, he said, "Because I love her." Adorable ... and such an important reminder for us all that it's never too early to start teaching our children what to do in an emergency.

It's also necessary to make sure they understand how to use the phone no matter what their age. With the prevalence of cellphones and lack of a wall phone in many homes these days, they need to know where to find a phone (in the bottom of mommy's purse?) and what any passwords are too. You just never know when they're going to need it.

As for Ethan, police were so impressed with the boy's work that they presented him with an award of recognition, and a new bike. Way to go, Ethan.

Have you taught your children how to dial 911?

Image via My Fox Boston

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