These Fashion-Forward Babies Prove Style Is Nature, Not Nurture

Kid, fashionIt takes a certain amount of flavor to pull off a look. Take my non-sexual girl crush, Rihanna, who has style for days but wears ensembles that the average Janelle would look downright foolish in. Picture me in a pair of sheer shorts and skyscraper stilettos running to get groceries or picking Girl Child up from school. Rih Rih has what it takes to make it seem completely comfortable. Alas, I do not.

Until now, there’s been heated debate about whether that kind of runway star power is inborn or learned over time (OK, not really, but we can argue about it if you want to). Babies are generally held hostage to their parents’ desire to outfit them in whatever ridiculous get-up makes them swoon, from dresses with gigantic petticoats to little suits that are more overwhelmingly bow-and-tie than baby. But there are some, like these fabulous little ones, oozing with natural style swagger*.


*I’m reluctant to use the words “swag” or “swagger” because once the mainstream got a hold of them—and certainly once they were folded into commercials for a minivan and a home improvement store—both terms, like “bling,” became unavoidably corny and wrung of any street cred they once had. However, in this case, they’re the most applicable way to describe kids who know they’re doing the darn thing at such early ages.

Blogs like Children With Swag and The Tiny Sartorialist highlight tots who’ve got the look down pat. And with attitude. They have attitude. They have flair. They have what it takes to flesh out the next generation of fashion mavens. And they’re not even out of a safety seat yet. Watch out, now. 

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If you could impart just one fashion tip to your child, what would it be? 

Images via ChildrenWithSwag

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