Miracle Baby Born Via 20-Year-Old Frozen Sperm

20 year old spermSometimes science simply amazes me. Like, say, when a baby is born 21 years after a man banks his sperm. That seems kind of crazy, right? Not only the fact that 20-year-old sperm still works, but that the man it belonged to is still interested in caring for a newborn at that point in his life.

The stars were all aligned for a 53-year-old former police officer and cancer survivor, when his wife utilized his frozen sperm in an IVF attempt, and it worked on the first try. Baby Jasmine was born, and she's pretty dang cute. But Jasmine isn't the only miracle in this story.


John Powell was diagnosed with testicular cancer 21 years ago and given only six months to live. The fact that he even thought about having his sperm frozen after being given that diagnosis is a miracle. He already had a daughter from his first marriage, who is now 23 years old, and his future was looking pretty bleak. Yet he battled cancer and survived, only to split up with his wife and mother of his child.

Years later, he met and married his current wife and the assumption was they would not be able to have children. After all, one shot of IVF is oftentimes not enough. Using frozen sperm offers no guarantee, yet it worked. Also? His sperm was set to be destroyed by the facility when Powell reached 55. The whole thing is pretty miraculous, and you know Powell is a happy father and a grateful one as well. Let's also assume he's incredibly exhausted. His sperm, however, is clearly still kicking.

What do you think about this miracle baby?

Image via apokolokyntosis/Flickr

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