Cancer Drug Mix-Up Proves Parents Can't Trust Prescriptions to Be Correct

pill mixupI've experienced a few pharmacy mix-ups in my time, so I wasn't too surprised to hear that a CVS in New Jersey accidentally dispensed breast cancer medication instead of chewable flouride tablets. I was, however, fairly terrified -- kids were the ones to be affected by this particular mistake, kids from as many as 50 families. Yikes!

This wasn't what I'd call a small scale blunder. Maybe if a few people got the generic version of an antiobiotic instead of the brand name, or a slightly different dosage than the amount originally prescribed, but 50 children taking breast cancer drugs instead of flouride tablets? That's seriously scary. CVS contacted parents and apologized; they're now looking into the mistake (so far, nobody seems to know how the hell this happened).

But as a mom, the fact that it DID happen makes me think ...


Never again will I pick up a prescription from the pharmacy for one of my kids and assume it contains the correct meds. Thankfully, regarding the breast cancer medication Tamoxifen, it's apparently "very unlikely that this specific drug would cause any serious or adverse effects when used for only a short period of time."

But can you imagine if these kids were given some kind of heavy-duty painkiller or sedative instead of Tamoxifen? Talk about "serious or adverse effects."

"Wrongful death lawsuit" is more like it.

Hey, accidents happen -- I'm not slamming CVS or pharmacies in general. But I'm not taking prescription drug accuracy for granted anymore, either, particularly when it comes to my kids.

What would you do if the pharmacy gave your kid the wrong medication?


Image via Ben Harvey/Flickr

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