'Human Hamster Ball' Ride Is Fun for Kids So Why Ban It? (VIDEO)

human hamster ballsWhen you really think about it, how much of the stuff your kid plays on or with is guaranteed to be 100 percent safe? Bouncy castles, ball pits, jungle gyms ... they're not designed to be dangerous, but the average toddler can figure out a way to get a concussion in a padded room.

So was the recently banned "Human Hamster Ball" attraction at a mall in Maine really any more treacherous than, say, a trampoline or tire swing? Yes, according to the state fire marshal who shut down the ride because of possible "drowning" and/or "suffocation" risks. No, according to the Human Hamster Ball's owner, Jeff Hunnewell. Over 21,000 people used the balls in 2011, he says, and only two minor injuries were sustained -- both were treated with ice packs.

After watching a couple of grown men acting like complete lunatics in the Human Hamster Balls without drowning, suffocating, or otherwise maiming themselves, I'm inclined to think the fire marshal is making much ado about nothing ...


First of all, the giant, clear balls are floating on a pool of about 15 inches of water, so there's little chance of kids (or anybody else) knocking themselves out on a hard surface. Plus, sessions are limited to 5 minutes and are strictly supervised by employees. Assuming protocol is followed, how would a kid drown or suffocate?

I'm just saying, I know plenty of kids who've suffered playground injuries requiring way more medical attention than an ice pack.

Watch these grown-ups using Human Hamster Balls and tell me ...

Do you think this ride looks dangerous enough to be banned?


Image via WCYYradio/YouTube

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