The Best MomTip Tweets for Better Parenting

twitter momtipsMoms. We're always looking for tips. How can I keep my daughter's curly hair from getting tangled? How can I keep those whites, white? So much tipping going on that it's now all over Twitter. So really all you need to do is search for "momtip" on Twitter and all of your parenting questions will be answered. Kind of.

Sure some of these tips are questionable: "Don't drive drunk unless you're pretty confident you've convinced the kids you got 'sick' all of a sudden," for example. But some are heartfelt and others downright entertaining for all the right reasons.

Check out these momtips via Twitter:


@RedSaffer says: when football's on, get out of the house. Just get out. For your own safety

@Melodic98 says: There is no reason why your daughter should not know how to cook. She should know how to make more than reservations (ed note: This goes for sons, too!)

@nicolajonesCHCH says: don't put off playing in the snow you never know when your last invite will come

@PrettiGemini18 says: Stop leavin your kids on your parents/grandparents jus to go the club its ok sometimes but every weekend. Wtf!! (ed note: Yikes!)

@IAmArique says: Get a Twitter account, get millions of other moms to follow you, start Twitter parties, get stuff trending, confuse other users.

@Cheesegod69 says: Be sure to tip your mom well, she only makes a few dollars an hour and relies on tips to pay her bills.


What's your best mom tip?


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