Baby Born in Cab Is Beautiful Reminder of How Simple Birth Can Be (VIDEO)

Beka EconomopoulousHaving a baby in the back of a New York cab likely isn't in anyone's birth plan, but for Beka Economopoulos, it turned out to be a pretty amazing experience. Her husband captured much of it on film, and it's a beautiful reminder of just how simple the birthing process can be for many women.

The story goes that Beka, two weeks away from her due date, was in her New York apartment hosting an Occupy Wall Street meeting when the labor pains started coming. So she and her husband, Jason Jones, hopped in a cab and headed to the hospital. They only got two blocks before they had the cab stop, as the baby was coming right then!


Shortly thereafter, their second child, daughter Mila Amie Economopoulos Jones, was born, weighing about six pounds. Dad caught her on the way out, and then started filming. She's of course already been nicknamed "Occupy Baby," as that's what Jones titled the video he posted on YouTube recently.

It doesn't show the actual birth, but rather the paramedics at work after she's born, and the incredibly touching first minutes when the baby is handed to mom. She's so calm and knows just what to do, telling the paramedics she wants to place the baby skin-to-skin and immediately starts breastfeeding her.

You hear her on the phone telling someone about her labor and how the whole thing went down. "I didn't even push, it just came out. I thought I had a poop, and then there was a head."

There are plenty of things that can go wrong when it comes to labor and delivery, and when we're pregnant, we imagine most of them. The truth, however, is that it's usually a pretty simple and natural process, and our instincts are usually pretty good. Mother and baby are home and doing well, and she told the New York Post she doesn't regret how it all happened:

I wanted a natural childbirth. I ended up having a more natural childbirth than anywhere else. 

Can you imagine giving birth in a taxi cab? Does this video make the birth process seem less frightening?

Image via YouTube

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