Ohio High School Shooting Details Are a Parent's Worst Nightmare (VIDEO)

school shootingSchool shootings like the one that happened just this morning at a high school in Chardon, Ohio, absolutely terrify me as a parent. It's not like we don't have enough to worry about as it is -- we're not supposed to have to worry about our kids getting shot when we send them off to school in the morning. So I can only imagine how horrible it was for all the parents who turned on the TV or the radio this morning only to find that a student at their kid's school opened fire before first period ... and worst of all, that at least four as-yet-unidentified students were injured (no official word on how serious the injuries are, though the latest reports list three students in critical condition and one in stable condition).

I think I'd prefer to be one of the parents to receive a terrified text from my child about how everybody was just eating breakfast in the cafeteria when suddenly another kid "stood up and started shooting."


As long as she continued to text me while I raced to the school in a panic, that is.

Because the scariest thing for a parent, I would think, would be NOT knowing exactly what was going on. Having just enough information to freak out. Thank god most of the kids and their parents have been reunited now, but we still don't have enough information: Authorities say one gunman is in custody; some kids report seeing two gunmen. Most kids, of course, simply took off at the sound of gunshots and took refuge in locked classrooms.

"I never looked behind me, I just ran," said one boy who thought the sound of gunshots "was firecrackers at first."

I'm sure his mother is grateful he never looked back. My heart goes out to the parents of the injured students, who maybe never even had the chance to run.

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Do school shootings terrify you as a parent?

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