Big-Mouthed Girls Are Better at Multiplication

girls good at mathI admit this at the risk of perpetuating a stereotype: I suck at math. I had to take college algebra three times before I passed (by the way, why do journalism majors have to even take algebra?), and I suffered through every single math class I ever was forced into. With that said, I've never doubted that girls can be just as good at math as boys. Even though I was better with language and the smartest boy in my class excelled at math, I knew not everyone fit into this mold. Now a new study backs up my gut instinct and shows that girls really can have it all! 

In fact, girls who excel at language have an advantage at math. Huzzah!


This study tested girls and boys and showed that the two disciplines were not unrelated. Girls who could throw down some rhymes could also throw down some equations. My own mother switched her major in college from math to English when she decided it would be more fun to teach English. But her math skills were still exceptional. And my kindergartner (who started saying "hi" to people at 6 months) is showing signs of being a budding math pro herself. So clearly, I'm the exception in my family rather than the rule.

All of this is to say, don't put girls in the corner during math class. We really can do it all.

Do you know girls who are great at math and love to talk?

Image via kartfamily/Flickr

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