Woman Beats Up 'Judgy Mommy' & Goes to Jail

painting of jailIt can be a risky move to give another person parenting advice -- as risky as going diaper free when potty training (the sh*t is definitely going to go down). This is particularly true if you don't have the same parenting style. So you know, a mom who practices cry it out with her child should probably avoid sharing her sleep training tactics with a co-sleeping family ... or if she does, she should maybe prepare herself for some corporal punishment.

Which is exactly what one mom thought was the proper penalty for her friend who offered up some parenting advice on how she treats her child. Being judged by another mom for your parenting decision isn't a good feeling, and I generally do not like it when people are judgmental. But in this case, I'm going say that the so-called 'judgy mommy' did the right thing.


Mom Melissa McGauley, 35, was boozing it up at an unnamed friend's house when that very friend started telling her how she shouldn't verbally abuse her 12-year-old son. My first thought was, Wow, bad time to bring up that subject. But it could make sense. Have a friend over, give her a drink to loosen up a little, and then bring up the topic that you really feared talking about but felt you really needed to.

Problem here is McGauley has a history of violence, and apparently she had chugged down so much alcohol and pills that she claims she doesn't even remember what happened. She punched her 'judgy mommy' friend in the face around five times. And even after her friend asked her to leave without retaliating, McGauley followed her into her 4-year-old daughter's room and reportedly punched her in the face again and then headbutted her. There were two other children in the house who saw and heard this all happen in addition to the 4-year-old. It's just an all-around sad situation.

McGauley was sentenced to six months in jail.

Sure it seems easy to judge McGauley, but it's clear she has a lot of demons she needs to work out. No one is perfect and we all make mistakes -- big and small. And while this behavior is certainly terrible, this is an example of how sometimes we need to hit the absolute bottom in order to get to our better selves. McGauley has a true friend in her 'judgy mommy' victim. And sometimes it really is worth it to step in and say what needs to be said even if it means getting the crap beaten out of you.

Okay, not really. Never good to risk your own well-being, but maybe, just maybe this friend made a huge sacrifice (in the form of bodily harm) that leads McGauley to a better path. What I'm saying is that sometimes being what some would label a 'judgy mommy' is worth it, depending of course on how you approach the topic. There are positive ways to be help another mom without being sanctimonious. It could end up saving people ... from their own bad decisions, and from causing their children harm -- either willingly or unknowingly. 

I truly hope both women (and their families) are okay, have good support, and move past this in a positive way.

What do you think of this story? Would you speak up to a friend who was making a bad parenting choice in your opinion? Or would you stay quiet? Does it depend on the situation?


Image via ABN2/Flickr

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