Royal Swedish Baby Will Rule the Castle Like an Ordinary Newborn

Sweden's Crown Princess Victoria gave birth to her first baby on Thursday. The girl's birth marks a "day of joy" in Sweden, a country which is "about to enter a new era of queens." It's adorable and sweet and the world is happy for Sweden. But let's face it, she is still just a baby.

The Prime Minister said that the birth of this new baby will bring even more support for the Swedish monarchy. For the Swedes, it's a cause for huge celebration, and even though we don't have royalty in the US, we kind of get it, right? After all, we have Beyonce, Jay-Z, and Blue Ivy and countless other celebrity babies to obsess over.


Of course, the birth of the new Swedish royal princess is also certainly raising all of the chatter about Duchess Kate and her husband Prince William. We all want them to procreate and the product of their union will likely be celebrated the world over. But why? The fact is, even princesses will have to change poopy diapers and wake up in the middle of the night with a newborn.

Our obsession with the babies of celebrities is odd. The truth is, as a parent, I am thrilled any time someone becomes a new mom or a new dad. There is nothing more exciting than bringing a new life into the world and changing everything. But celebrity babies are no more or less exciting than non-"royal" babies. They just get more attention.

It makes sense, though. Becoming a parent is a humanizing, down-to-Earth event. It's hard to be glamorous and above it all when you have spit-up down your back.

We like to see our princesses become more human. Princess Diana was never as beloved as when she became a mom to Prince William. As moms, we relate to our fellow moms. If I am fighting with a woman or feeling like I can't relate to someone, there are times I stop and think about the fact that we are both moms. It levels the playing field and makes even a princess less royal.

After all, there is nothing royal about poop blowouts and sore boobs and late nights with babies. And even if she outsourced all of that, she still pays the piper somewhere. She is a mom and it makes her just like us.

Do you think a new baby is good PR for celebs and royals?


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