Bumbo Seat Scaring More Parents

bumbo recallI remember my first Bumbo. I propped up my tiny baby inside so I could take cute photos of her without her falling over. Sure I put it on top of the dining room table. Until I learned later that you really weren't supposed to do that. I didn't leave the room, and I was incredibly lucky that my baby didn't suffer a skull fracture due to my own stupidity. But not everyone was so lucky.

When the first cries went out about recalling the Bumbo seats, I thought, like many people, that it was kind of ridiculous that people are complaining about their baby being injured when they either left a baby alone, or put a baby in a Bumbo on top of the kitchen cabinet. We don't recall everything because someone is just not swift enough to read the directions (myself included in this assessment).

But now Bumbo is under attack again, and this time I'm kind of wondering if those cute little chairs might have been a bad idea, even when used properly.


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In addition to the 45 injuries to babies whose parents were not using the Bumbo seat correctly, other accidents are being reported when babies fall out of those things when they're sitting on the ground. Yikes. I mean, there's not a five-point harness on those things, which is why they're so cute. It's like a big blob of soft. So babies could wobble on out of the little chair right onto the floor.

A Bumbo spokesperson points out that there are also injuries due to new crawlers, walkers, and just rolly-polly babies. This is true. But if you put your baby in a chair, you kind of expect her to stay there, restraining device, or not.

Hopefully you don't leave your baby alone when she's sitting up in a Bumbo, or anywhere. Freak things can occur, and babies have zero sense of how to NOT injure themselves. Also, they can't talk. Vigilance is important, as are safe items that you put your baby into. Maybe this isn't the greatest idea for the little ones, after all.

Do you love your Bumbo seat?


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