Girl Scout Troop Leader Shouldn't Be Forced to Resign Because of 'Goth' Website (VIDEO)

stacy hintzWhen exactly did people start taking the Girl Scouts so seriously? First we had right wingers trying to ban Girl Scout Cookies because of the organization's ties to Planned Parenthood. Then we had the creepy teen boycotting one troop's inclusion of a 7-year-old transgender child. Now we have Stacy Hintz, a Wisconsin mom who says she was forced to resign as Girl Scout troop leader because she helps her husband run a goth website (an excellent place to visit if you're in the market for a good "Zombie Porn Star" t-shirt).

Apparently the website, Wisconsin Sickness, does not "live up to the Girl Scout standards and principles."


Which are what, exactly? Seems like nobody can decide whether the Girl Scouts are overly liberal and progressive or unnecessarily conservative and discriminatory. Either way, I don't see why it should matter. The Girl Scouts aren't a religious institution, they're an afterschool club with arts and crafts and iron-on patches. Don't get me wrong; I think it's great that there's a focus on community and I'm all for group activities like volunteering at soup kitchens or reading books to the elderly. But the ethics lesson needs to stop there, far away from such overly personal territory as sexual preference and/or a taste for zombie porn.

For their part, the GIrl Scouts insist they fired Hintz only because she included links to Wisconsin Sickness in emails about "official" Girl Scout business and such personal endorsements violate policy.

But would Stacy Hintz have gotten ousted as troop leader if the links she included led to a less controversial website? Say she ran the website for a local florist or a car wash or dental practice. My guess is she'd still be troop leader today.

Check out this video and tell me ...

Do you think Stacy Hintz deserved to be fired as Girl Scout troop leader?

Image via stacyhintz/YouTube

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