Baby Born on Valentine's Day With Heart-Shaped Birthmark & Red Hair

Having a baby arrive on a holiday is definitely cute and coincidental, but having a baby arrive on a holiday and appear totally "dressed" for the occasion is another story!

One mom in Chicago knows this all too well, as she got something much sweeter than flowers and chocolates this Valentine's Day. Not only did her baby girl wind up making her entrance into the world on February 14 -- she also showed up donning a head of red hair and a heart-shaped birthmark!

Isn't that just wild? What are the odds of a baby bearing a birthmark and hair that are totally themed for the holiday they happen to be born on? It seems a bit too coincidental -- almost as if this little one were sent straight from Cupid himself.


And if the whole birthmark and hair thing wasn't amazing enough -- this little baby was also conceived while her parents were on their honeymoon. Could this child possibly be any more love-themed?

Of course, out of all the holidays out there, Valentine's Day really seems to lend itself to the best possible potential for physical traits that match the vibe of the day. I mean -- the likelihood of a baby being born on Christmas with the image of Santa on his arm or on St. Patrick's Day with green hair and some sort of marking that resembles a shamrock just seem a lot less likely.

One thing's for sure, this little girl will always have a great way to explain her birthmark to other kids as she grows up. I always had a tough time explaining my strawberry-shaped birthmark to kids who asked me what that "weird thing on my leg" was. This child, however, is lucky in that she can simply tell people that she came into the world truly marked by love.

Does your baby have a particularly interesting birthmark?


Image via Elin B/Flickr

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