Princess Celestia Needs to Shut It

princess celestia awfulIn the ongoing struggle to provide our daughter's with positive role models not obsessed with physical perfection, My Little Pony is not doing such a hot job -- again. I mean, "Pinky Pie?" Really? But this time it comes in the form of Princess Celestia, the vapid toy made by Hasbro. As Mommyish points out, the actual Princess Celestia on the television show, My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, is a leader. But the plastic toy Hasbro has put on the market is, in fact, a sexist little twit. One that will destroy your daughter's self-esteem by constantly harping on how pretty her hair is, or is not. (Okay, is, Princess Celestia never tells your daughter she looks like crap.)

I'm actually very familiar with this particular pony. We have Princess Celestia, and here's why we're not getting rid of her. Nope, not even after hearing this 20 times a day:


A pony with crazy sayings and "sparkly" sound effects is hilarious. My husband and I can't watch our kids play with this crazy pony without cracking up. I think this is helpful in teaching our daughter that this is a bunch of ridiculous clap trap. Sure we could have just tossed the thing, and explained how horrible the message is. But for now we're just trying not to take it seriously. Princess Celestia, that is. We take sexism and warping little girl's minds very, very, seriously.

After embracing Barbie, however, we're taking a new approach to teaching our kids about how girls and boys are different, and how they are the same. How we respect and appreciate everyone, no matter what color, shape, or size. How our bodies are useful and strong, rather than visual entertainment for others.

So -- for now -- Princess Celestia is just another goofy toy that our kids will get tired of soon. Plus, the batteries are about to run out. WIN.

Would you let Princess Celestia in your house?


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