Lesbian Couple Gets Pregnant Together Using Same Sperm Donor

Trying to conceive a child the old-fashioned way isn't an option for everyone, and it's always amazing when things work out and you hear a great "feel-good" story about people finally becoming parents. Being able to have a child is something that every couple should be able to do -- regardless of whether they are able to get pregnant on their own.

One Lesbian couple in England got married in 2010 and had always dreamt of having a baby together, but figured it would probably never happen because of how expensive fertility treatments can be. But then, they found a man who agreed to be their sperm donor -- which resulted in both of them getting pregnant at the same time! How cool is that?


Anyone who longs for a child is always over the moon after getting a positive pregnancy test result. But can you imagine how amazing the news must have been for these two women when they found that they were both expecting, and realized that their babies would be biological half-siblings? After dreaming of having a family together, the results they got completely exceeded their expectations, to say the least.

Wow. Their entire pregnancy experience must have been so surreal. Imagine sitting on the couch feeling your baby move inside your belly, while at the same time watching your significant other do the same thing -- all while knowing that the two babies are practically twins? Doesn't that kind of make your head spin?

The couple's now three-month old son and daughter were definitely destined to be, that's for sure. In addition to being conceived at the same time, the babies arrived a mere five-days apart! So not only did these women get to experience all of the ups and downs of pregnancy and birth together -- they now get to adjust to parenthood and celebrate their babies' milestones all at the same time. I don't think I can imagine a greater bond than that!

Would you want to go through a pregnancy at the exact same time as another important person in your life?


Image via futurestreet/Flickr

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