Cappuccino for Kids Trend Is the Height of Parental Ridiculousness

babyccinoDoes your toddler want a cappuccino? No, let me rephrase that. Does your toddler need a cappuccino? Because we can make one special for them. A little steamed milk, a shot of decaf espresso, a boardbook edition of À la recherche du temps perdu with pictures and you've got your tot primed for cafe life!

No really, this is a thing: It's called a babyccino, and supposedly they're a hit with the Brooklyn parents. Not the ones I know. I don't know where they find these people, actually. But apparently parents all over my fair borough are ordering these drinks off the menu for their kiddies. Because that's what every toddler needs, right?


Supposedly, if you use decaf espresso, the caffeine in a babyccino is harmless. And it's traditional to give kiddies a drop of coffee in their milk in Italy. But just because they do it in Italy doesn't mean I have to. They also voted for Silvio Berlusconi, and how'd that work out for them? And anyway, does it really make sense to get your toddler used to the flavor of an addictive drink that's not really good for them?

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It's kind of the upscale version of putting cola in your kid's sippy cup, right? Awwww, how cute, baby loves Diet Coke just like Mama. Whuut, I watered it down with Sprite! Except at least the babyccino has milk and a lot less sugar, so I guess there's that. But still, in the video you can see that this is mostly about the foam and the sprinkles. So why add the coffee at all?

Yeah. Babyccino-feeding parents of Brooklyn, could we please have a word with you? The rest of us sensible parents in Brooklyn would like it if you would stop doing that. You're making the rest of us Brooklyn parents look foolish. Again. Thank you.

Do you think it's a good idea to feed toddlers coffee, even if it's decaf?


Image via rdw23/YouTube

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