Another Transgender Man Gives Birth -- Yawn

transgender man gives birthNo, really. Let's just yawn about the fact that a British man has recently given birth to a baby boy. Unlike American transgender man Thomas Beatie, this particular baby birthing man is remaining unidentified, for now. I'm just going to guess he didn't care for the nastiness thrown at Beatie's family.

What's unclear is how this story of a baby boy being born approximately six months ago got the attention of the press. But it might be due to the fact that this unidentified man reached out to a transgender organization to inquire as to what surgery he would be able to safely undergo and still be able to give birth to his child. And now a group of people are investigating the circumstances of his birth. And they're not investigating because they want to get the baby a layette.


Apparently medical ethics "experts" are concerned about this birth, although it's unclear why. The Daily Telegraph explains that these experts are concerned about "the interests of the child" being risked in order to "fulfil the rights of an adult." I don't know about you, but I'm unclear why having a baby would risk the interests of a child. Is a transgender man less likely to be a good father? No. Bad fathers come in all shapes and sizes, and sexualities. As do good fathers. I can't imagine why -- on the issue of being transgender alone -- an investigation would be warranted.

If the issue is strictly medical, it seems the unidentified 30-something man was checking with professionals to see what was good for the baby and what would not be good for the baby. If a heterosexual woman with typical gender identify asked her doctor if it was okay to have a nose job during her pregnancy, her doctor would (most likely) say no. Would she then be investigated? What about a pregnant mom who needs to have medical procedures done for health reasons? Definitely not.

Unless there's someone, somewhere out there that knows this man went forward with a procedure that would put his baby's life in danger, an investigation is not necessary. Transgender men and women are people too. People who may or may not want a family, may or may not want the birth experience, may or may not be great parents. No different than you or me. With this latest birth, maybe it's time to move on and not be so shocked the next time a "man gives birth." Until it's a biological man that can perform this miracle, I, for one, am not going to raise any eyebrows.

Do you think we should all just take this birth in stride?


Image via simplyla/Flickr

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