Parents Who Think Vaccinations 'Anger God' Are Putting Kids in Danger

vaccine jesusWhen it comes to hot-button parenting topics like how long to breastfeed and whether TV is okay in moderation, I try to avoid getting caught in the "I'm right/You're wrong" vortex of righteous indignation. Meaning, I might be opinionated, but I try not to be judgmental. At least not outwardly.

That said, the latest chapter in the To Vaccinate or Not to Vaccinate saga is disturbing enough to warrant, let's say, a formal expression of concern. (Which is not the same as a judgement. Not really.)

Look, it's dangerous enough to decide against vaccinating your child because of religious beliefs. But let's say another kid at school comes down with one of those communicable diseases your child didn't get immunized against. What if the principal temporarily banned your kid from school for her own protection?


Would you be grateful to that principal or would you ... sue the school?

If you were Fabian Mendoza-Vaca and Nicole Phillips of Queens, New York, apparently you would sue the school. That's right, they're asking a judge to nullify a law that would force their kids to stay out of school if classmates are carrying diseases such as measles, mumps, or chicken pox.

Explained Mendoza-Vaca:

It is my opinion that resorting to vaccinations demonstrates a lack of faith in God, which would anger God and therefore be sacrilegious ... We don't want anything being into our bodies at all. We'd rather rely on our natural immune system and our faith in God. This is about my children's rights.

Oh-kay. So not only are you NOT going to vaccinate your kids, you're also not going to let any person or institution take any measures to protect them?

To me, this takes the anti-vax argument too far. It's a huge, selfish step in the wrong direction: The direction of blatant irresponsibility.

I'm not religious now, but I was raised in a religious home. And my grandmother had a faith-related saying that seems to apply here, "God helps those who help themselves."

Here's hoping God helps the unvaccinated kids who can't yet help themselves, too.

Do you think these anti-vax parents are going too far?


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