'Glee' Inspires Mom to Turn Grocery Shopping Into a Musical (VIDEO)

Leigh KoechnerWe have all had one of those moments when we said something that made us stop and groan because it marked you as SUCH a mom. They're things we never would have said before the days of bookbags and Barbie dolls. Me? I cringe every time I admit that I love going to the grocery store because it is officially "me" time.

Yes. I'm such a mom. And now I would like to extend my official thank you to Leigh Koechner, mother of four (with one on the way), blogger, and host of a new video series, No Mundane Moment. Working with HooplaHa.com, a site that delivers good news in video form, she's taken every mom's secret love of dumping the kids and making a run to the grocery store and ramped up the enjoyment of this escapist errand to much funnier levels than I ever have.

Leigh doesn't just grocery shop. She pretends she's a star on Glee! She gets in her exercise! She ... well, I'll let her show you:


Snort. I could never do that. Well, OK, not at my local grocery store. Because I only have one, where everyone knows my name -- which only makes my devotion to running out the door as fast as I can to get there that much more embarrassing.

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Which isn't to say that Leigh hasn't inspired me. Just because the everyday life of being a mom isn't all trumpets and fireworks doesn't mean we can't have a little fun, right? I mean who hasn't been tempted to sing like she's still a teenager and starring on the hottest TV show? We can still rock this or Glee this or whatevs.

Just, maybe, ahem, do it in the privacy of your own car ... your kids will thank you for not being THAT kind of mom one day. I promise.

Do you ever feel like your day is just so mundane since you became a mom?


Image via HooplaHa

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