M.I.A.'s Flip-Off Wasn't the Worst Part About Watching the Super Bowl With Kids (VIDEO)

M.I.A. halftimeAs we all know by now, people are outraged -- outraged! -- that singer M.I.A. flipped off the nation while performing with Madonna during the Super Bowl halftime show Sunday night. NBC and the NFL have apologized (after pointing a few fingers themselves) and M.I.A. later explained that she'd just sort of gotten "caught up in the moment," blaming "adrenaline and nerves," and didn't mean to offend.

You know what? I watched the Super Bowl with my two young kids, ages 6 and 8, and while I don't exactly salute M.I.A.'s gesture (what finger would I salute it with?), I'm actually not really terribly offended or outraged by it.


My just-bathed, sweet-smelling, pajama-clad kids watched the first half of the game and the halftime show alongside me and my husband as a special treat before we tucked them into bed. I can't say I felt they'd been sullied by M.I.A.'s impetuous gesture. Mostly because they totally missed it -- if not the gesture itself, then certainly its meaning. As far as they know, a middle finger is pretty much the same as any other finger.

But you know what I do think is obscene about the Super Bowl -- the thing that as a parent I object to -- is all the freaking beer commercials and the winking, scantily clad, busty ladies. It seems to me those Go Daddy ads, just for instance, are sending a far more objectionable message to kids than a single finger. The idea that alcohol (in particularly, crappy beer) is essential to "grown-up" fun and that it's totally OK to objectify shapely women are two messages I wish my kids didn't have to get with their football. Do I really need my 6-year-old girl and 8-year-old boy to learn those very unwelcome (officially sanctioned) messages?

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In fact, it gets me so worked up (blame adrenaline and nerves?) that I almost feel like cursing the universe and extending a middle finger myself. Thankfully, of course, I don't have to. M.I.A. just did it for me!

As a parent, do you think some of the Super Bowl commercials are more objectionable than M.I.A.'s extended middle finger?


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