Couple Lets Strangers Name Their Baby

Would you let random people choose your baby's name? Most of you would probably say no. I mean, what if they decided on something you totally hated? It would suck if your kid was stuck with a name that you couldn't stand.

An expecting couple in Illinois, however, not only decided to let strangers choose their daughter's name, but they did it by using a Facebook poll. How trendy of them.

Their plan for how to choose a baby name definitely wasn't as risky as it sounds, because they narrowed down the possible names to four options that people could pick from. Can you imagine what would've gone down if they hadn't provided choices? That would've been a total free-for-all, and their kid probably would've wound up with a name like Raspberry or Grape. Unless you're a celebrity, naming your baby after a piece of fruit typically just doesn't fly.


I'm sure that some people will think that the idea of letting strangers give your child the most important gift of its life is a little strange, but it's actually a pretty fun concept. If nothing else, it at least gives new parents one less thing to stress out over in the beginning, right? Plus, it's creative and adds a nice element of surprise into the mix.

Getting random people involved in the name process is also a great solution for couples who keep shooting down each other's favorite baby names. There are plenty of other less important things to disagree over and fight about after the new baby arrives, so why not eliminate one battle up front? The good news is that if your number one name choice doesn't win out in the end, you at least have someone else to blame it on besides your spouse.

How did you decide on the perfect baby name?


Image via handmaidenbymaria/Flickr

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